Recession? Depression? Neither? Both?

Dated: July 20 2022

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"Zillow Reports BIG Home Price Crash in 10 Cities (50% in One Year)"

“Why You Should Be Concerned About The Next Economic Collapse”

“Is the Housing Market Going to Crash?

I always ask myself if any given article is informative, is based on data, and if I can find the original source of that data.

Reventure Consulting did a video using Zillow data. In Portland, home values in June went down 1.6% over the previous month. So, the data is good, but it is more a question of whether the conclusion that 1.6% decline in one month will repeat itself for twelve months resulting in an annualized decrease in value of 19.2%.

Gary Vaynerchuk is giving those who will listen, the warning about the next economic collapse. As a successful entrepreneur and business owner he speaks from experience.

With charts and graphs Dave Ramsey answers the question of “Is the Housing Market Going to Crash?” with a big resounding “No” explaining how he came to that conclusion.

To me the most important point is not whether you think we will have a mild downturn or that inflation is skyrocketing and the world's economy is tanking.

What is important is that your decisions are well thought out and fit your situation. That you don't respond out of fear.

What you need to do is ACT now.

ACKNOWLEDGE that there is a challenge coming your way, be it small, medium or large.

CONSIDER your options. Even if you own your home and have no loan, life changes and surprises tend to happen when we least expect it. Come up with a Plan A, B, and C that will allow the flexibility to respond and not just react to what is coming your way.

TIMELY ACTION. The best time to take a course of action is before you have to. Even if you have a plan why not have a Financial Planner or third party review what you are doing to see if your plan has any blind spots. Just struggling to pay your bills? Learn ways to reduce your stress or at least how to better respond to it.

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